When the crew arrives to their point of destination, it takes up to 30 minutes to prepare departure documents, and we agree on this in advance, so nobody waits for anything. On some occasions aircraft refueling is not coordinated, therefore, more than 40 minutes can be wasted until all the documents are prepared. Nevertheless, we always do our best to anticipate different situations and our approach can lead to time saving of up to two hours. For ad-hoc charters, this aspect is crucial and we try to look ahead, anticipate and avoid various problematic situations that may occur.





Recently, we received a request saying we need to deliver urgent cargo from France to Slovakia. The specific nature of the order was that the request came during night, when, as a rule, most of the airports in France are closed. Despite the late hour and complexity of the order, our operator provided the client with a plan of action within just 10 minutes, offering to choose an airport operating at night in the city of Rennes, France. The task was completed as soon as possible, and the client was satisfied, which is always the most important objective for us.

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