The situation was critical and the order was urgent, we could not afford for anything to go wrong because we promised the client to cover this urgent charter. We called dozens of companies and managed to find an unknown (at that time) company called Сentervol. A representative of this company arrived specifically to provide everything required for the aircraft departure. Thus, we were able to complete the order within a specified time frame. Now this company known for its reliability and flexibility remains our permanent partner.



Case #2:


Autumn was remembered by one very non-standard solution of our company’s employees. An urgent order was received for cargo shipping from Tangier (Morocco) to Gothenburg (Sweden). Taking into account that the plane flew to UK from Tangier, the crew’s working time would be enough to fly from Tangier to Hahn for a technical landing. Since there were no other alternatives at that time, we decided to “give a lift” to the second crew at HHN, where the plane made technical landing en route to Gothenburg. We lifted up the crew to HHN on a charter flight. The second crew flew to GOT successfully. The client was satisfied with such a non-standard but effective solution because we met all his needs.

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